Wedderburn 01

Wedderburn Community Hub

Wedderburn, Victoria

The Wedderburn Community Hub is located on the former site of the historic Wedderburn Primary School in rural Victoria. This masterplan and feasibility study for Loddon Shire Council and the residents of Wedderburn aimed to identity and explore key opportunities for the site.

We worked in association with community consultation experts LMH Consulting to understand and balance the needs of local community groups and identify key development parameters and funding constraints

Our masterplan proposed a series of interlocking modules which can be constructed in multiple stages and tailored to achieve project budget as funding becomes available. Each module is designed to be a freestanding building with interlinking circulation spaces to provide present and future flexibility of use. Modules are connected by enclosed or open-air walkways with controlled points of entry. Community safety and design for the successful co-location of a wide range of community uses was fundamental to this concept masterplan.

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