Hawthorn East 02 01

Hawthorn East House

(under construction)

This alteration and addition to a compact semi-detached heritage home in Hawthorn East began a number of years ago as an exploration of opportunities for future modification and expansion. The project is the result of a collaborative journey undertaken for a client who came to us with a desire to explore the possibilities of the site, with a strong commitment to rigorous design resolution. Configuration of spaces, functional zoning and the impact on architectural form were explored extensively to achieve an elegantly beautiful, and functional family home.

Modification of the existing home includes creation of a new master suite and retention of the existing heritage lounge room. The new addition includes a communal family living space, private guest zone, and first floor children’s ‘attic’ bedrooms nestled within the building’s roof form.

Externally the new addition appears as an unassuming form that sits sympathetically against the surrounding context. The form has been specifically shaped to maximise daylight penetration into the rear garden and minimise the visual bulk of the building. Internally, the main living, kitchen and dining space occupies a sculptural sky lit two storey volume, punctuated on all sides by garden views.

A restrained palette of natural zinc, timber and glass brings richness to the building and emphasises the stunning simplicity of this architectural form.