Athlegen 01


Ballarat, Victoria

An ambitious project for an Australian healthcare equipment manufacturer. Our client came to us with a simple brief to design a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that reflected the core values of their company – a commitment to delivering high quality products for wellbeing and an emphasis on promoting local Victorian manufacturing and innovation.

Human Industrial Architecture

Our design is inspired by their commitment to the wellbeing of people that work within the facility. A sculptural raw timber building form makes this building an unexpected landmark in its rural industrial landscape. Rational structural and façade design coupled with modularisation of building component are combined to create efficiency in terms of buildability and cost.

Internally, a focus on design for ergonomics, safety and user experience were fundamental to the design of manufacturing and office areas. Staff areas are designed to encourage interaction and collaboration amongst employees. The use of natural materials, access to daylight, thermal comfort and an emphasis on achieving views to the surrounding landscape from within the building makes this a manufacturing facility that focuses primarily on the human experience.

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